Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's a girl got to do???

My own sister ( see what I did there I linked to her cause I'm nice like that) won't link my blog!!!!

I don't know what I did to fall out of her favor... I need help. What should I do to get her to give me the linkie love any ideas?


Carrot Jello said...

No idea.
She once had a section of bloggers she's met.
I wasn't listed.
She's met me twice.
Money, perhaps?
Taco Bell?

Millie said...

I'm not there either.

I don't look beautiful while giving birth... that's all I can figure.

No Cool Story said...

Tell her I said she needs to link you

Annie said...

Well, if you would post more. I can't keep sending people to an abandoned blog, now, can I?

You could at least update your playlist for me. I need some fresh new tunes.

I'm going to ignore being called out for supposedly not listing people on my blogroll. I've been curiously absent myself here and there.

Let's just never speak of it again.

b. said...

A good old fashioned butt kissing is all it takes for Annie...she's pretty easy that way.