Friday, May 1, 2009


For starters Happy May Day!! Out of all the less known less celebrated holidays May Day is one I think would be great to celebrate. Who wouldn't love giving and receiving baskets of flowers all day long. I think it would be wonderful. Every year on May Day I think to myself next year I'm going to take baskets of flowers to my visiting teaching ladies and maybe some neighbors too, but it never happens. Maybe someday when I'm old and retired with nothing better to do you might find me on your door step on May 1st with a basket of flowers. It could happen!

Next, I'm embarrassed to admit this but here it goes. It's the first of May and I still have my Willow Tree Nativity gracing the top of my television armoire. When it came time to put away Christmas I looked at my Nativity and thought I'm not going to take it down now it's too beautiful and one of nicest thing I own to have sitting on a shelf in my garage 11 months out of the year. Then Valentines Day rolled around and I thought maybe it's time to put it away... well I could leave it up until Easter then take it down. Easter has come and gone the year is almost half over so at this point I'm wondering do I dare leave it up all year?