Sunday, October 26, 2008


It has been a glorious fall here in Colorado this year. Like most of you I love fall but it's also bittersweet because it means winter is fast approaching. Soon my toes will be constantly cold and I'll be be brushing snow off my car in the wee morning hours. Saying that I'm not looking forward to that would be a understatement. So, I took a walk along the river the other day and took some pictures to remember this beautiful fall come January when I'm cold and SAD.

Brooke White- Yellow

Beaker sings Yellow

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kind and Generous....

I'm a rotten no good daughter. I have been back from my trip to Virginia for three weeks and it has taken me that long to write this post about my wonderful parents. El Jefe and I enjoyed a week long vaycay with no kids thanks to my Mom and Dad who were happy and willing to stay at my house and watch the kids. Now some of you might be thinking big deal my parents have done that too. I know big deal but, while you were gone did the dishwasher and computer stop working and did your water softener flood the laundry room all in the same day?

When my Dad called and told me about my house falling apart around them he said, "After the laundry room flooded your Mom and I thought about packing our bags and going home." I wouldn't of blamed them if they had. Thankfully they stayed and here is the kicker my Dad painted my house while we were gone. Yes, you heard me right he PAINTED MY HOUSE.

Last spring we put some rock on our house and it looked great but it was evident that to complete the look we were going to have to paint the house because the icky blue just wouldn't do. Well, with El Jefe running four Hotels this past summer instead of his usual two he just didn't have the time to paint. Weeks before we had to leave I told that darling man of mine that we had better paint the house before we leave because you know my Dad will do it while we're gone. El Jefe said, " Your Dad already called and told me that we had better buy some paint because he wants to paint the house." All righty then I'm not going to argue with that.

My Mom cooked and cleaned all week. RadChad said that he is going to miss Grandma because she cooks dinner EVERY NIGHT, as if to say that I don't? The last time I checked Tombstone pizza's still need to be cooked in an oven.
We came home to a clean and beautiful newly painted house. It doesn't get much better than that.
Just in case there are any doubts that my Dad is the Greatest. He just so happens to be on my roof right now fixing a leak as I am writing this post. I am truly blessed to have been born to goodly parents. I love you Mom and Dad (((HUGS)))


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Favorite Things

Favorite Internet Radio
Pandora is an Internet radio designed to play only the music you want to hear. When you log in you put in an artist or a song you like and then it creates a radio station of that artists and other artist that sound similar. For instances if I'm in the mood for some awesome New Wave I just pick my New Order station and it plays all New Order and others that sound like them. If I'm in a Funky mood I'll play my Earth Wind and Fire radio and if I need to mellow out I'll play Seal. Did I mention it's free. If you have Internet connection on your IPhone you can access Pandora anywhere.

Favorite gum
I have become addicted to the fantastic flavors Orbit has like Fruitini, Sangria, and Maui Melon pictured above. I pretty much quit chewing gum until I tried these new flavors now I have to buy a pack or two every time I'm at the store. Try it you'll likey.

I adore accolades, who doesn't?
Thank you Millie I think you rock!

Favorite Sandals

I bought these awesome sandals in June they are called Fit Flops. They are supposed to help you burn more calories when you walk, I don't know if that is true but they are the most comfortable sandals ever. I have worn them everyday since I bought them. I'll be so sad when it gets too cold to wear them.

Favorite Vice Presidential Candidate EVER!

Don't be jealous I've seen her in person. That's all I'm going to say about that, I'm way too chicken to talk politics on my blog.

Trips with El Jefe.

El Jefe and I were in Virginia last week for a Hotel convention. I have to admit that Virginia was not on my list of places I wanted to visit but it was so beautiful and steeped with early American history. We stayed in Colonial Williamsburg a few nights where the convention was held. I've never seen any place like it. It's what I always imagined the English countryside to look like. I was thrilled because England is on my list. The Today show was there last Wednesday because it's a battleground state. We woke up early on Wednesday and got ready to go down there so we could say we saw Matt Lauer in the flesh and possibly get our mugs on T.V. Then we turned the T.V. and saw how many people were there and said forget about it.
We also went to Yorktown Va. where the last battle of the Revolutionary War took place. We went on the life changing tour ( that's what the tour guide called it) of the Battlefield. To hear how basically everything went right for the Patriots and everything went wrong for the English at that time makes one realize that it had to be divine intervention that we won that war. God Bless America!
Then we stayed two nights in Virginia Beach. We stayed right on the beach which would have been fantastic but the whole time there was 45 mph winds and rain like I have never seen it rain before. Surprisingly it was still above 70 degrees and the water was warm. Who knew Virginia had a warm beach ? I didn't.

Stayed tuned for my next post about why I have the most awesome parents in the World.