Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer time T.V.

Today is one of the best days of the summer today they start competing and dancing on So You Think You Can Dance. Yay!! You know I'll be posting videos of my favorite dances.

Another show I watch in the summer is My Life on the D list. I know I shouldn't Kathy Griffin is rude and crude and says horrible things to Jesus when she win awards but I can't help it. This weeks episode was awesome she was hanging out with Bette Midler. Bette wasn't taking any of her crap which I loved. When Kathy asked her if Wind Beneath my Wings was about farting, Bette just rolled her eyes and didn't dignify that with an answer. What kind of question is that, Kathy? What are you a 12 yr. old boy? I have to share with you the best part of this weeks episode. Kathy and Bette are trying to sing Happy Birthday to a drunk in Vegas...well they get upstaged.(don't worry it's nothing crude or rude)

Don't watch the whole clip go to 10:00 you won't be sorry.