Monday, January 5, 2009

Becoming in 2008

As I look back on 2008 I realize that I've changed and I became a few unexpected and fabulous things.

In May I became unemployed. I was told in the nicest possible way that after the Summer of Carrrie I would not have a job at the High School. I did such a great job with the boys I was working with that they no longer needed me, I would beg to differ.

Thanks to El Jefe after the summer I was back at the Hotel doing what I do best, making waffle batter, cleaning up after people and filling vending machines.

In August I went to the beach and I became IRL friends with a group awesome women. I also got to spend time with a few of my favorite bloggers I met in 2007 and got to know them better. I would say it was the highlight of 2008. Thank You ladies!

In October I became a fan of Luis Miguel. I went to see him in concert with Annie, NCS and my cousin queen K. Before I went I could only recognize one of his songs.I couldn't understand a word he was singing but it didn't matter he was terrific. If you like Ricky Martin and/or George Michael if you mush them together you get Luis.

In November I became a Wrestling Mom. Much to my surprise my oldest decided to go out for the wrestling team. I was thrilled to see him get off the couch and try something physical it wasn't the sport I would've picked for him. I get a little uncomfortable seeing boys rolling around in those singlet thingies. I always pictured him playing football or soccer. He seems to enjoy it and especially his new found muscles and the weight he has lost. Go RADCHAD!

In 2008 I also became one of them. You know one of those people who think that their dog is not just a dog but a person too. Yes, that's me I've gone loony for my new pooch Sarah Palin. She so cute, smart and sweet I can't bear the thought of leaving her home alone so I take her with me almost everywhere except for work. If El Jefe would let me I would. Come on who can blame me look at that face.

Who knows what 2009 will bring as far as I'm concerned the one thing I hope to become is thin.


Heffalump said...

I loved getting to meet you this summer, and it's lovely to see a new post from you! I have missed you!
I hope to become thin in 2009 also.

Klin said...

I could take your puppy for your when you are at work. So cute. I love my pets, too.

My boy refused, wait I didn't say that with enough emphasis, REFUSED to even go out for wrestling. Even with my encouragement.

LOVED meeting you. Plan to hang out again. Soon I hope.

Millie said...

Smoooooch! I miss you! Seeing you again was definitely a highlight. :) You know, there's this nice bar that serves oysters on Main Street...

I loved your "getting fired" story - not because of what happened, but the way you worded it. No bitterness at all. You're the ultimate in graciousness. Or grace. Whatever the word is, YOU'RE IT.

No Cool Story said...

I bet you are like the bestest wrestling mom out there.
Those singlet things are scary. And yes, "uncomfortable" is the right feeling.

Little Sarah Palin is too cute. Does she sleep with you? I bet she does, she has that "cuddler" face about her.

You are the bestest Carrie!!!

Suzanne said...

The Oregon party was awesome, wasn't it!?! "singlet thingies" made me giggle. Good luck in the New Year, Carrie! :)

Stacey said...

Good for Rad Chad!

Aww,Sarah Palin is so cute!

I want to get thin in 2009 too.

TheFashionista said...

Love your 2008 highlights. Way to go Chad! How about making visiting your big sistah a 2009 highlight? We'd love to see you!

NOBODY said...

I'm thinking Ricky Martin and George Michael probably wouldn't mind that so much.

This was a great recap. And Sarah Palin is very cute.

carrie said...

nobody if you are trying to imply that Ricky & George are gay Irefuse to hear it.

Physcokity said...

I never htought I would say this, but Sarah Palin's definitely a cutie. She reminds me of MW's pupster the Code Man. I don't blame you for toting her around all the time!