Thursday, November 20, 2008

17 Reasons why RadChad is so darn Rad

1. On the day he was born I thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
2. He's the first born grandchild in our family.

3. He's always the first one ready for church on Sundays.
4. He's an excellent chess player.
5. His teachers adore him and going Parent Teacher conference is a pleasure.
6. He's a mathlete.

7. He's a Pokemon expert.
8. He goes to Rush concerts with his Dad so I don't have to.

9. He loves U2 like his Mom.

10. He's a cool dude.
11. He isn't afraid to try new things.

12. He started wrestling for the first time this fall.
13. He laughs at my lame jokes.

14. He's extremely smart.

15. He has always been a good boy.
16. He has a shirt that says he's Rad.

17. Today is RadChad's 17th Birthday! Happy Birthday Son, I Love You!
I'm dedicating your favorite U2 song New years Day to you on your Birthday.


Millie said...

Happy Birthday Chad!!! :)

What a cute little boy!

b. said...

Awww....Happy Birthday Rad Chad!

Klin said...

Awesome t-shirt for a young man that was described as Awesome by his mom.

Happy Birthday RadChad!!

Suzanne said...

Well, he's got to be smart if he likes U2. Because they're just about the best band evah!!! Happy Birthday, Chad. :)

compulsive writer said...

You had me at #3.

Happy belated birthday Rad Chad.

I love 17.

BIG RICH said...



Someone needs to record a male version of that sad sack Janis Ian song "At Seventeen."

I knew the truth at seventeen....the world was meant for beauty queen...........


Feliz Cumpleanos A Ti!!!!


I gave birth to children so that they could watch lame shows like Dancing With The Stars with their father and I don't have to.

I wish my man was into RUSH. :( I wonder if you could use that whole "eye for an eye" thing in context of Rush. A Rush for a Rush. Because I'd gladly trade in Rush Limbaugh for Rush concert tickets.

Tori :) said...

Well, he has the shirt, so it must be true!!

HAppy 17th Chad!!

No Cool Story said...

Ah man! SO so late :(

I doesn't take away from Chad and his radness.

Happy late Bday RD!